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How Do Mobile Tans Work?

Before the session begins, we will need about a 5 by 5 space or larger to set up my equipment, mobile tent, and machine. We will also need access to an outlet for the sunless tanning session.

Upon stepping into the mobile spray tanning tent, you will be offered foot pads to avoid getting spray tan residue on your feet, and a hair net to protect your hair if you choose! You will need to pull your hair up, and out of the way for the tan.

You are welcome to dress down to your comfort level in a swimsuit, disposable undergarments (provided by us), undergarments of your own, topless, nude, or whatever you’d like!

Before beginning, we will discuss your desired color, tone and darkness to ensure you are feeling confident and satisfied when the session is complete.

The session will take about 15-20
minutes for a basic tan, and about 45 minutes for a Contour Tan.

When the session is complete, you will need to wear loose, dark clothing. Avoid wearing a bra, socks or any restrictive clothing immediately after the session to ensure no smudging of your sunless tan and a flawless outcome!

Your tan will be slightly darker immediately after the session and will lighten up after your first water rinse.

Make sure to moisturize your skin twice a day to ensure a long-lasting, even tan!



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