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Before Your Tan.

Complete ALL other services at least 24 hours before your tan, such as manicures, pedicures, waxing, facials, massages, eyelashes etc. Your spray tan is your LAST stop!

Shower, shave and exfoliate at least 12 hours prior to your session. Exfoliating the skin is very important for a flawless tan outcome!

Avoid using a razor with a moisture strip.

Avoid wearing any lotion, deodorant or makeup during your session.

Wear dark loose fitting pants and a loose shirt and flip flops to your appointment. Do NOT wear jeans or leggings.

Avoid showering right before your session and avoid using Dove soap several days before.

During Your Tan.

Adults 18+ have the option to tan topless, nude, wear a swimsuit, disposable spray tan undergarments (provided by us), or whatever you feel most comfortable in!

Please be aware that you will have tan lines with whatever you decide to wear.

Before beginning, we will discuss your desired color and darkness to ensure you are feeling confident when the session is complete!

During the session, you will be guided through various positions to stand, as the technician applies the airbrush tan.

The entire process takes less than 20 minutes and off you glow!

After Your Tan.

Depending which tan option you choose, wait at least 2 hours to rinse your tan. *Rinse times vary.

Do NOT touch your tan.

During your first post-tan shower, use warm water and NO soap to rinse off the top coat of tan. Use your hands to brush the water down your body until the water runs clear down the drain, ensuring all of your cosmetic bronzer coat is washed off. Don't worry, this is not your spray tan washing away!

Gently blot your skin with a towel to dry, do not RUB.

Next, moisturize your skin.

Worried your tan looks lighter after you rinsed it? Your tan takes a full 24 hours to see the final result!

Wait about 24 hours to shower with soap or body wash after your appointment.

Moisturize every morning and night to prolong the life of your tan!

Avoid the ocean, hot tubs and swimming pools as much as possible.

Avoid using a razor with a moisture strip.

Avoid exercise/sweating for 24 hours.

Avoid perfume, deodorant, or any sprays for 24 hours.

Avoid Dove, Olay products and lotions or body wash containing alcohol or oils.



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